UME Blog: Spotlight Saturday

Spotlight on…..

Beyonce Knowles

People named Beyonce as world’s most beautiful woman of 2012 this week.

Beyonce Knowles is quite the triple threat: she is a mega-millionaire singer, songwriter/producer, and actress. She rose to fame with the success of Destiny’s Child. After releasing her own solo album Dangerously in Love in 2003 and creating two wildly successful hits in the album Crazy in Love and Baby Boy, she established herself as a Billboard #1 hit singer. Her subsequent albums and songs after Destiny’s Child disbanded were all top hits (ex. Irreplaceable, Single Ladies etc.). She broke the record of most Grammy awards won in one night in 2010.

Movies wise, she has been quite successful, appearing in numerous Hollywood blockbusters. She first made her noticeable splash in the movie industry in Austin Powersin 1999. She then went on to a string of movies in various genres including the comedy Pink Panther, the musical Dream Girls and portraying the famed Etta James inCadillac Records. She was seen most recently playing the wife of the main character in the movie Obsessed, a remake of Fatal Attraction.

Beyonce is married to rapper/musician Jay-Z and gave birth to her first child Blue Ivy Carter in 2012. Such a short post can’t completely capture the inspirational spirit of Beyonce’s musical work and her personal glamor, but congratulations Beyonce! Hope to see more of her mind-blowing music, acting performances and her stories as a new mom!


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