UME Blog: Spotlight Saturday

Spotlight on…….

Angelina Jolie

It’s fair to say that the hottest Hollywood celebrity news this week is about an inanimate object instead of an actual personality, and that much talked about object is (drumroll please) – Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring.

Reportedly, Brad Pitt spent an entire year perfecting the design of the ring, which costs a whooping $250,000 or more, with jeweler Robert Procop. The ring consists of an emerald cut of the main diamond with baguette cut diamonds forming the band of the ring; the entire ring is 16 carats.

So a little bit on the lady who got the world’s sexiest man alive to propose to her, give her a 16-carat diamond ring, and adopt/have a soccer team of kids together. Angelina Jolie is Hollywood blueblood: she is famed actor Jon Voight’s daughter, though she has had a strained relationship with her father. She gained recognition through her roles in George Wallace, Gia and Girl, Interrupted, with the last one earning her an Academy nod. Her rebellious behavior, especially during her younger years, were quite controversial: she reportedly shared a lip lock with her brother once on the red carpet, carried Billy Bob Thorton’s (her then husband) blood in a vial around her neck, and stated to her interviewer that she found knifing herself “liberating”. She was then propelled to mainstream Hollywood stardom through her role as Lara Croft and has been the top female choice for many Hollywood action blockbusters such as Wanted and Salt. She earned tabloid notoriety when Brad Pitt broke up with his then wife Jenifer Aniston after working with Jolie on the steamy action film Mr. and Mrs. Smith. However, Hollywood’s resident bad girl has lately been much praised for her work with the UN for peace and international development and has adopted numerous kids from developing countries.

Congratulations Angelina! Keep fighting and adopting!


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