The 2012 Alumni Performing Arts Career Symposium

UME is proud to co-sponsor the 2012 Alumni Performing Arts Career Symposium

Join these fantastic alums on Saturday, March 24 from 2 to 5 pm to hear about their career journeys in the arts:

*Carol Fineman – VP for Theatre, Scott Sanders Productions. NY
*Victoria Frings – Actress. NY/Philly
*Trish Sie – Choreographer, Director, Writer, Producer. LA
*Michael Sluchan – VP, Original Scripted Series Programming at USA Network. LA
*Jason Wiley – VP of Marketing, Bad Boy Entertainment. NY

The symposium will take place in the Platt Student Performing Arts House (3702 Spruce – just west of the Quad). The panel will answer general questions and Q & A from the audience for the first 90 minutes and then there will be about 90 minutes of networking time.

Please come prepared with relevant questions. Check out the Career Services Networking page for tips.

Co-Sponsors include: Career ServicesCollege Alumni Mentoring Series, the Theatre Arts ProgramCinema Studies, The Heather and Todd Lieberman Fund, SPEC Connaissance, The Undergraduate Media and Entertainment Club, and College Houses and Academic Services.

Visit the facebook page for full bios of the panel.


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