EXIT STRATEGY: Cast & Crew Event, Thurs. Feb. 9th

“The Making of Exit Strategy:  A Cast and Filmmaker Discussion”
Thursday, February 9, 2012
JMHH 250 (Huntsman Hall)

A new un-romantic comedy, “Exit Strategy” opens in theaters February 10th and the filmmakers and cast will be part of a special University of Pennsylvania panel discussion on independent filmmaking.
Participating in the panel will be:
Quincy “QDeezy” Harris, Actor (CARVILLE) and Producer / Also on-air radio DJ from Philly’s Hot 107.9
Jameel Saleem, Actor (JAMES) and Screenwriter
Kimelia Weathers, Actress (KIM) and Based on Characters Created By
Kellie Maltagliati, Producer and Production Company Owner, Ask Around Productions
Michael Whitton, Director and Editor
After discussing the process of taking a budget of under $100,000 and delivering a film being played in theaters across the U.S. (opening at AMC Theatres in Philadelphia on February 10th), the filmmakers and cast will answer questions about the project, their current and future career paths, and questions relating to the current process of independent filmmaking and their own unique experience with the release of “Exit Strategy.”

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